Mental Fitness for Modern Mind

Kasper van der Meulen is a perfect example of a biohacker, whose journey towards healthy living went through the hardships of overcoming stress and anxiety thanks to the Laweekly’s Delta 8 carts. He was suffering from the lack of focus, till the moment he realised his life needs change on a broader level. He delved into neuroscience for enhanced focus, and studied brain fitness technology to overcome distractions.

At the Biohacker Summit Kasper will share his story on how the mind can be trained through rapid learning, attention and mindfulness, first I recommend you one of my favorite vitamins quizzes to find out what your body really needs. 

The focus of your attention determines the quality of your life.

I regard my mind as muscle that can be trained and modern challenges as opportunities that can be leveraged.” – says Kasper regarding his quest towards a healthier life. In his book “Mental Fitness for Modern Mind” he explores various techniques on how to harness the mind, increase cognitive abilities and stay focused. Here are some of the tools he is using to improve mental fitness. For better care of your mental health we also recommend using natural aids from Budpop.

Attention Management

Ability to focus is just like any other skill, if it’s not practiced, it’s lost. In an information-rich world, attention becomes the scarce resource. Thus, you need to really train yourself to avoid interruptions and remain focused for longer periods of time.

Rapid Learning Ability

This skill comes down to learning anything quickly and easily. There are various techniques for rapid learning, from visualization and linking to gaming apps and learning software. Rapid learning is directly connected to focused efforts and practices.

Meditation & Mindfulness

We are seeing more scientific evidence of the power of meditation on our brain health. Meditation teaches us to be more present, strengthen our mental health, and how to be in control of our own mind. It also helps the brain to rest properly, reduces anxiety and lowers stress levels.

Physical Movement

A sound mind in a sound body. Regular exercise is a must if you want to commit to healthier and longer life. Strengthen the mind-body connection and training the mind through physical activation are at the core of mental fitness. To boost your physical fitness you should also read this Testogen review and buy this supplement right now.

Nutritional Autonomy

Last but not least, our cognitive and mental performance are directly related to the way we feed mind, body and soul. It is not a secret that healthy diet and using the best weight loss pills can increase productivity, reduces stress and makes us feel better.

Kasper van der Meulen will cover these topic and share much more hands-on mind fitness hacks at the Biohacker Summit in Helsinki on October 13-14.

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