Building an External Brain for Better Performance with Boomer Anderson

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When you push the limits of your own performance, sometimes those limits push back. Limits push back in the form of waking up in the middle of the night to a racing mind, feeling like there is not enough time, and chaotic overwhelm. Keeping track of everything you have to do becomes a stressor itself.

Your mind did not evolve as a task manager. In an innovative society where the only constant is change and you are required to learn at a more rapid rate than before just to keep up, optimizing brain performance is tantamount.

While society may be years if not decades away from a cloud interface for the human mind, leveraging the technologies of today one can create systems to externalize aspects of our day-to-day and help knowledge workers be more productive than ever before.

In this interview Boomer will lay out the technologies, tools, and processes needed to free your mind for its true purpose: critical thinking and creation. You will learn best practices for task capturing, how to build a knowledge warehouse, and how the specific organization of that knowledge will allow you to extend your capability and be more productive at the workplace.

Boomer Anderson (USA) is a Partner, Performance Advisor, and Podcast Host at Decoding Superhuman. Boomer serves as the catalyst to sustainable high performance for many top entrepreneurs, CEOs, and working professionals as a Certified Epigenetic Coach (Apeiron Center for Human Potential) and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN). In his prior life as a top executive in finance, Boomer worked and assisted companies and governments in raising billions of dollars. The travel, stress, and lack of sleep led to Boomer being diagnosed with a heart condition at 30. The systematic approach Boomer took to improving his condition resulted in health and performance improvements and laid the foundations for many of Decoding Superhuman’s practices today.

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