Finding Flow With Max Gotzler

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How to access the flow state with author and founder of Flowgrade & Flowfest, Max Gotzler. Flow is the state where people perform at their best, which resides in the sweet spot between anxiety and boredom. Learn how to perform at your best when it comes to your daily routines. Max Gotzler will be speaking about flow at Biohacker Summit 1-2 November 2019. See details here:


02:00 Access to flow state.
06:50 Biohacking in Germany
10:35 Biohacking topics now and in future
13:00 Wrap about flow
16:20 Choose your flow tools
18:00 Out of flow
22:44 Siim Land with flow
24:27 siim land on the show
27:45 routines and states to flow.
29:58 daily routines
35:00 substances on flow
46:00 enviroment to flow
47:30 creative flow
50:10 Siim what would you reccomend for people to have more flow
1:02 Flow fest
1:04:45 Teemu what is something new biohack that has transformed your day?

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