Top 10 Daily Biohacks with Ben Greenfield

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Ben Greenfield is a health consultant, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of a wide variety of books including the widely popular titles Beyond Training, Boundless, Fit Soul, Spiritual Disciplines Journal, the Boundless Cookbook and Endure. A former collegiate tennis, water polo and volleyball player, bodybuilder, 13-time Ironman triathlete and professional obstacle course racer, Ben has been voted by the NSCA as America’s top Personal Trainer and by Greatist as one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness.

This presentation was filmed during Biohacker Summit London, UK, in 2016.

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01:20 Jaw Realignment & Vagus Nerve

05:00 Bright Light Device in Nose

10:00 The Many Things Ben Puts in his Coffee

15:00 Variety & Challenge, Targeting Different Parts of the Brain

25:00 Essential Oils, Cognitive Enhancement, Relaxation

30:00 PEMF Devices for Better Sleep

35:00 Measuring Sleep Cycles and HRV

40:00 Supplements and Functional Exercises

45:00 Nature vs. Modern Life: Context Matters when Biohacking

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