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VIP or Speaker pass required. (More information here)

Hands-on upgraded cooking course with Biohacker’s Handbook and wild food chef Sami Tallberg.

4pm – 10pm – Upgraded Dinner

  • 4pm – Registration, networking & team building (Biohacker Summit badges distributed for VIPs & speakers)
  • 5pm – Upgraded cooking begins!
  • 7pm – 6-course dinner is served
  • 11pm – Venue is closed

L’atelier des Chefs Oxford Circus (map)
Address: 19 Wigmore Street London W1U 1PH

By tube: Bond Street (Central and Jubilee line) and or Oxford Circus (Victoria, Bakerloo and Central line)
By car: NCP car park, 74-77 Welbeck Street or NCP car park in Cavendish Square.


BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, London, UK (map)
Located in the heart of London’s West End and on the doorstep of Soho, BAFTA 195 Piccadilly is 5 mins walk from either Piccadilly or Green Park tube stations. NCP car parks are also located nearby.

Companies are invited to setup their exhibition stands from 9 am – 12 pm. Disassembly by 10 pm.

David Lean Room (Exhibition & Registration)

12 pm – 12:45 pm – Registration & Networking
Registration open. Make sure to have lunch before arrival 🙂 (Take a look at our restaurant guide here).

12 pm – 8:30 pm – Upgraded Exhibition
Upgrade and refresh yourself in our demo area full of exciting companies. Screens provide live view into the lecture room (Theatre). Use our wireless headphones to listen in to the lectures or simply immerse yourself into binaural beats.

8:30 pm – 10:00 pm – Exhibition Disassembly
Make sure you get familiar with the exhibition before they make room for the post-movie networking.

10:00 pm – 11:00 pm – Post-Movie Networking
Network with other biohacker’s until it is time to close the venue.

Theatre (Lectures)

12:45 pm – Opening Remarks: Supercharge Your Health With Body, Mind and Tech
Teemu Arina, Curator of the Biohacker Summit
Jamie G Ward & Jake Stott, Pando
1:00 pm – Keynote: 10 of My Most Important Daily Biohacks You Need To Be Doing
Ben Greenfield (USA), Human Performance Author and Consultant at
2:00 pm – Biohacker’s Handbook Authors Present: Biohacking Nutrition
Teemu Arina (FIN), Technology Specialist and Serial Entrepreneur
Jaakko Halmetoja (FIN), Nutrition Specialist and Independent Wellness Coach
MD Olli Sovijärvi (FIN), Licensed General Practitioner at Helsinki Antioxidant Clinic
3:00 pm – DNA Testing for Fitness and Nutrition
Andrew Steele (UK), Olympic Athlete, Founder & Head of Product @ DNAFit
3:30 pm – How to Hack the Flow State
Maximilian Gotzler (GER), Founder @ Biotrakr & Flowgrade
4:00 pm – Panel: Biohacking Your Body
Body: Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (FIN), Chair @ Salli Systems
Heart: Simon Wegerif (UK), Biomedical Engineer, Inventor and Founder at HRV Fit (iThlete)
Skin: Jasmina Aganovic (USA), President @ Mother Dirt
5:00 pm– Me, Myself and I: Creating an Inner Winning Team for High Performance
Jamie G Ward (UK), Writer, Breakthrough Coach, Property Developer, CEO @
5:30 pm – Modelling and Quantifying Metabolism to Optimise Health and Performance
Dr. Tommy Wood (UK/NOR),, Chief Medical Officer @ Nourish Balance Thrive
6:00 pm – Mastering Memory and Optimize Everyday Learning
Mattias Ribbing (SWE), Memory Champion, Author, Educator,
6:30 pm – Light, Water & Magnetism: How To Biohack The Fundamentals That Really Matter
Ruben Salinas (USA), Medical Technology Entrepreneur, Inventor @ Quantlet
7:00 pm – Keynote: Biohacking Nature
Dr. Jack Kruse (USA), Neurosurgeon, CEO @ Optimized Life
8:00 pm – SuperCharged (Movie Premiere)
Imagine, a mind quick as lightning, a body charged with energy. No, it’s not a fictional superhero. It’s you. SuperCharged.
9:30 pm – SuperCharged Q&A Panel
Q&A with the stars of the movie: Ben Greenfield, Jack Kruse and Ruben Salinas. Panel moderated by the director Sarah Turner (USA) and producer Harry Massey (USA).
10:00 pm – Closing Remarks (Networking Until 11pm)
Teemu Arina, Curator of the Biohacker Summit
Jamie G Ward & Jake Stott, Pando

Mezzanine (Parallel Workshops)

12 pm – 3 pm – Lounge (VIP Only)
Entry only with the Speaker, Media or VIP ticket. Private screening of the keynotes.
3:00 pm – Quantifying Self Experiments (Q&A)
Damien Blenkinsopp (IRL), Citizen Scientist, Entrepreneur, Host @ Quantified Body Podcast
4:00 pm – Hacking Health Through Advanced Biomarker Analysis (Q&A)
Dr. Tamsin Lewis (UK), Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Triathlete, Founder @ CuroSeven
Ben Greenfield (USA), Human Performance Author and Consultant at
5:00 pm – DNA Q&A
Andrew Steele (UK), Olympic Athlete, Founder & Head of Product @ DNAFit
6:00 pm – Flow State Q&A
Maximilian Gotzler (GER), Founder @ Biotrakr & Flowgrade
7 pm – 10 pm – Lounge (VIP Only)
Entry only with the Speaker, Media or VIP ticket. Private screening of the keynotes & the Supercharged movie.

Sunday 22 May – OFFSITE (Invite only)

Invitation required. (Request invitation here)

Exclusive wild foraging trip with master forager Miles Irving.

Miles Irving is one of Europe’s most respected professional foragers. A psychology graduate and carpenter by trade, Miles has been foraging for almost ten years. He now runs a small, but energetic rural enterprise called Forager and is the author of The Forager Handbook.

  • 9am – Transportation to Chartham (2 hours)
  • 11am – Lunch
  • 12pm – Wild foraging tour
  • 4pm – Assembly
  • 5pm – Transportation back to London (2 hours)

If you are interested to sponsor the offsite, please contact us.

Amazing program to learn practical tricks, talking to the hardest-to-get experts, and trying out the latest self quantification & biohacking tools with other like-minded people interested in optimal performance. What are you waiting for?