London Calling: Interview With the Biohacker Summit UK Organizers

Biohacker Summit London is an international event that covers the latest tools and methods for upgrading performance, wellbeing and health. We interviewed Jamie & Jake from Pando HQ – the company that brings Biohacker Summit to the UK. Pando team is currently working hard putting together the event, gathering the best biohacking startups, upgraded speakers, health experts and media to London on May 21, 2016.

1) Why did you want to organize the Biohacker Summit in the UK?

Before attending the original Biohacker Summit in Helsinki, we had talked about creating the first and best biohacking event in the UK. We wanted the most cutting edge topics, the best speakers and something that felt like more than a run of the mill conference. Some guys in Helsinki seemed to have already had that thought and it made perfect sense to work together to bring this to the UK.

Pando is the UK portal for all things biohacking from a blog, podcast and store we are spreading the word. We are creating an ecosystem in the UK for all biohackers to meet, learn and have access to the best information to help them improve and experiment. This starts with giving everyone in the UK access to the leading thinkers from across the space.

2) What is so important about biohacking that people should know?

The world of health or self improvement has many different tribes, Pando takes a non-biased approach with the aim of educating and encouraging self experimentation. What Jake and Jamie love about biohacking is how it simply can apply to anything in your life, you just decide what you want to improve and it can help you to become a better you. From sleep to work-life to nutrition to sex, biohacking can help you with that.

By bringing the best and brightest to the Biohacker Summit UK, this gives us the opportunity to showcase what can be gained from biohacking.

3) What would the the major takeaway from the event?

Keep trying new things and when something feels good keep it, then try something else. You can change almost anything if you are smart about it and disciplined. On most topics the speakers at the Biohacker Summit may have experimented with themselves or they will know where to refer you. Biohacking is a community and this is the Welcome Party, new friends, new thinking and a little help towards becoming a better you.

So if you are keen to supercharge your health with body, mind & tech, get your tickets here.

We are looking forward to see you in London!

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