Anthony DiClementi On Strategies To Improve Energy, Mood, and Health

“Start with your foundation. Get your health in order. Start fueling your body. When you have more energy, when you have more clarity and your body is in better shape, that carries over and you get more creativity and you’re able to put in more productive hours. It affects your relationships. You’re a happier person; you’re able to better connect. Work hard. Build your foundation. It is the basis of everything that you do and all the success that you want, deserve and can have.”

Anthony DiClementi (CNS, NCSF-CPT) is an author, trainer and biohacker and the founder of The Health Blueprint. Besides being one of the leading executive wellness coaches specializing in nutritional science and functional medicine that helps CEOs, professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities, he aims to transform lives of men and women from all around the world who are willing to take their physical and mental performance to the next level. Anthony has developed uncommon methods to rapidly upgrade their energy, transform their bodies and enhance mental clarity based on the knowledge he gained over a decade of studying the human body and extensive self-experimentation.

Biohacker Summit curator Teemu Arina had a call with Anthony DiClementi for the Biohacker’s Podcast. In this episode, Teemu discusses strategies to improve energy, mood and health with biohacker Anthony DiClementi. Listen or watch:


Show notes:

  • 0:41- Teemu introduces Anthony Diclemeti
  • 1:15 – Why Anthony  induced change
  • 2:43 – Anthony started looking for solutions
  • 3:55The Biohackers Guide
  • 5:21 – Where he starts with clients
  • 6:06 – Looks at the data for answers
  • 7:00 – There is no ONE single diagnostic test for the answers
  • 8:30 – Technology that is useful today
  • 8:36 – Blood work
  • 10:10Life Extension Foundation
  • 11:45Wellnessfx
  • 14:08 – Pros and Cons of costs of blood work panels in the US
  • 15:17IBM
  • 17:10 – Hopes of the future
  • 19:52 – Practical Advice
  • 20:16 – Pain
  • 21:34 – Gut Issues
  • 22:02 – Different types of gut issues
  • 23:18 – Interventions
  • 24:00 – Avoid the big 5
  • 24:49 – Make sure food is liquefied
  • 25:02 – Apple Cider vinegar
  • 26:06 – Bone broth
  • 26:54- Preparing bone broth
  • 27:05 –
  • 29:13 – B Vitamin injection
  • 30:39 – Supplements are not an equal substitution
  • 32.10 – Pain depends on the individual
  • 32:26 – Causes of pain
  • 34:35 – Average american is sitting 13 hours a day
  • 36:25 – Change positions throughout the day
  • 37:13 – Fix nutrition
  • 37:34 – Let the pain guide you on where to start
  • 39:00 – Tools that help
  • 40:50 – Correct the posture
  • 41:37 – Resources for deeper research
  • 41:38 – Kelly Starrett
  • 42:49 –
  • 43:30 – Hydration
  • 45:04 – Step 1
  • 45:52 – Step 2
  • 47:07 – Step 3
  • 47:35 –
  • 48:32 – What happens when we are sleep deprived
  • 51:59 –
  • 52:36 – Other ways to learn more about Anthony
  • 54:06 – Best tips
  • 55:27 –
  • 55:28 –

Anthony’s first book The Biohacker’s Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus: An Uncommon System to Rapidly Optimize Physical and Mental Performance was released in May 2016 and it covers strategies to to increase healthspan, wellbeing, cognitive, and physical performance through deeper understandings of biology.

He emphasizes the importance of customization to get best results: “Generic recommendations yield generic results. Extraordinary energy, enhanced focus, and optimal performance are a product of expert customization.” Through 1-on-1 coaching and workshops, Anthony promotes specialized programs to each individual.

Some fundamental advice from Anthony DiClementi:

  • Diet. Make sure that you are eating food. Paleo is usually a good framework to help stress levels. But make sure that you customize your diet for your specific body. The days of one diet fits all are gone. You need to get tested, or at least pay careful attention to the ways that you personally respond to food.
  • Use the right supplements for you. Understand what will help you personally have more energy and less stress, and include those in your diet. Try to eat food in its whole form when you can, it’s better to eat the actual food than a supplement based off of it.
  • Move your body, and sweat every day. Make it a part of your daily routine, and make sure it’s sustainable and fun.
  • Connect to the earth. Barefoot in the grass will give you a big boost.
  • It’s probably not possible or even healthy to completely get rid of stress. What you should try to do is manage stress. There are good kinds of stress, such as the stress that you put on your muscles when you work out to get into better shape. There is bad, chronic stress. This is the stress you experience when you hate your job, are unhappy, not sleeping enough, etc. Acute stress that doesn’t exceed our body’s ability to recover from is good.
  • Focus on deep breathing, using correct form.
  • Pick routines and habits that you can do easily every day. Don’t bite off more than you can chew with new habits.

Want to hear more on his uncommon tactics? Check out his podcasts on here and check his website for a free copy of his book “The Biohacker’s Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus: An Uncommon System to Rapidly Optimize Physical and Mental Performance”. He’ll be talking about the truth of supplements at Biohacker Summit on 18 November 2016.

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