Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Nutritional Health and the Benefits of Sauna

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  1. Thank you Rhonda for your lecture at the Biohacker Summit 18th of November in Helsinki. We met backstages after the presentation. Would you please send me the documents. I´ll inform the Finnish sauna lovers about your sharp message: Sauna is good for your health.

  2. blipton says:

    Regarding Vitamin D, Chris Masterjohn had an episode recently, that talks about how measuring 25(OH)d isn’t very useful compared to measuring Parathyroid Hormone. PTH (normally 35 pg/ml) is a more direct marker of circulating vitamin d/calcium health, and elevated PTH levels may suggest a problem. However, just supplementing Vitamin D3 without first examining the potential causes (lack of outdoor activities, poor circadian rhythm/sleep, elevated stress hormones, poor (<1g) calcium daily intake (incl Vit A/K, Mg)) may actually cause calcium deposits. Also, low 25(OH)d levels may just indicate that in the presence of plenty of vitamin-a, it's correctly being utilized with Vitamin A to support immune function.

    Is cold therapy, as that suggested by Wim Hof, as beneficial as heat stress? Or is there no counterpart to the Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs)? Also, is there an additive/subtractive effect by following a sauna session with an ice-cold bath?

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