How to Transform Your Life With Healing Foods

Olli Posti is a perfect example of how we should think about our health and be in charge of our own lives. When he was only 10 years old he started noticing first symptoms of asthma. Later, at the age of 19, he was diagnosed with MS disease.
This made him feel both scared and liberated, and soon after the unfortunate news he decided to embark on a journey to Thailand. New environment and plenty of vitamin D did the job, and little by little he started to feel better. While being abroad he also encountered positive changes in his habits, that lead him towards complete recovery. Lower stress levels and better nutrition had made him curious to explore whether lifestyle has something to do with his cure.
After his return to Finland, he started to look deep into wellbeing and slowly but surely discovered a number of nutrition based remedies that proved to cure his illnesses. He abandoned processed foods, milk, wheat and other foods causing inflammation, and moved towards balanced, high nutrient and fresh foods. Positive effects were not long in coming, and in only a few months he started to feel better every day.
By rethinking his nutrition Olli Posti has been able to get his health back. Posti emphasises that the quality of food has been a major factor in his recovery. According to Olli, superfoods and supplements are not even necessary, but minimising e-codes is. He is helping regular people to identify nutritionally rich and healing foods in the supermarket and helps them to be more aware while doing their groceries.

“Use your senses to find out how you choose specific products. Ask yourself whether the colours and flavourings are coming from additives or from the food itself? Read the labels and ingredients carefully. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably don’t need it”, says Posti.

Olli advises to avoid products with with hidden sugars. Instead you may choose similar products with no added sugar and sweeteners, for example instead of taking ready-made blueberry soup or berry jam, take frozen berries and honey. It is also a good idea to know what is in season right now . Some supermarkets put seasonal vegetables and fruits in front of entrance to ease customers choice.

When choosing milk products, quality is the key. More expensive products tend to have better quality. Opt in for goat, lamb and buffalo milk products. They have more nutrients inside and are easier for your body to process. Olli recommends to try out some unpasteurized raw Swiss cheeses. For the ice cream fans he recommends to try organic high quality brands with less white sugar and more natural flavors. Candies can be replaced with sulfur dioxide free and organic dried fruits or berries.

When it comes to soft drinks, Olli recommends to find drinks that really take your thirst away. Supermarket shelves are filled with sodas and bottled waters with artificial flavors & color agents, juices with added sugar, and unhealthy energy drinks. Try some cocoa water or ready-made smoothie instead. Some grocery stores have fresh juices and smoothie bars where you can fill your cup with fresh stuff.

Olli is a prompt believer that out that mind shapes the body as a whole. With his inspiring attitude and straightforward tips he wants to help people to overcome distresses and health issues.
By eliminating stress and start to enjoy life you can really feel better both physically and mentally, and even overcome some severe health issues! Just add colours and flavours to your food and life!” says Posti.
Olli has been nominated as the Finnish Health Influencer of 2016. With his Supermarket Survival online course, he helped over 500 people to find better food choices for healthy life. Here are some tips from Olli Posti you can adopt today:
  1. Remove foods containing e-codes. Fill your body with nutrients it really needs.
  2. Avoid white sugar.
  3. Use unmodified sea salt to instead of processed industrial salt.
  4. Buy spelt pasty instead of wheat, and observe how your body responds.
  5. Drink water instead of cola and soda drinks.
Posti will share more tips on how to balance your nutrition and health at Biohacker Summit Helsinki on October 13-14.

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